boy meets girl, girl is...vampire?

mistress of malice is a small passion project between me and my wife! it's a semi episodic webcomic about two doofuses killing dudes, living life, and falling in love.

the two doofuses are:

A vampire runs into a girl who reminds her of her first love, but is hesitant to make the same mistake twice. In exchange for his life she "employs" him to help with ritualistic killings and feedings. Their intense relationship starts to blossom and they deal with all the bumps along the road which is a relationship with the undead.

the story takes place sometime in the 1990's in not quite new york city, new york. this place has a surprisingly high and unexplainable vampire population for some reason. honestly they could be anywhere

this story started out as a completely wholesome slice of life romance between a bassist and a twitch streamer. but then somewhere along the line i decided toxic yuri shall prevail and did an entire rehaul of amythest's character. i feel it was for the best, i like this version of the story better.